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「When they asked me where my home is, I almost said your name.

I know they meant a damn place.

But, your arms are more home than my own house.」

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amazing peeps

So, for the past two months I met some people (4) and they are really amazing and stuff but were not bestfriends, the four of them are and I just got invited in and we don’t talk much really.

*Nik-Nik is said to be the “good girl but a bad one”. She got into rehab two weeks ago because of drugs. She has a bad case towards those things. She suffers clinical depression and PSTD. She’s very fiesty and gets into alot of street fights. ( I don’t know how this chick isn’t running a country yet to be honest)

Known as “Mysterious”

*Claire, she has a BED for 5 months (she said on her info she’s obese) and she is reovering from major depression and low self asteem. I hate her mother, she’s the cause of all her shit. But Claire lives with her dad now and her dad is helping her through recovering (I’m so proud of her!) //she runs a recovery blog mainly on her BED recovery and she’s pretty popular, you might stumble on her blog.

Known as “Flower” (probably how much she likes wearing floral attires)

*Sam, he’s the funny guy. Lighten things up when the 3 are arguing and stuff. He’s suffering from social anxiety and bulimia nervosa but recovering. He’s such a strong puffball with a soft interior.

Known as “Shy princey”

*Jean. Jean’s preffers being called a ‘she’ rather than ‘he’, Jean’s bigender who preffers female pronouns. He got bullied for her gender and suffered bipolarness and BED for 2 years. She runs a humor blog, seriously hillarious as hell.

Known as the “Fab queen”


I don’t know , I just want to share these guys… We talk but not everyday because of our time differences. I’m glad that I help out on their problems and they vent on me too.

They even called me the “Skinny one”, “Boney” and “Little Cassie” (they got that from Skins I guess?). I only told them I have anorexia nervosa for the past 2 months and developed EDNOS and I don’t tell them my problems bc they already have so many and I want to help them.

*the names are changed but they know my tumblr anyways and the tumblrs they have has their stories but I’m not saying their urls.



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